How Pregnancy Changes the Way You Look

Pregnancy is a very beautiful and natural phase which a woman goes through, you will find people who might warn you about how your life is going to change when the baby comes, but no one tells you how your body and looks are going to change after that. Yes, pregnancy messes up with your body and the way you look too. You can do whatever you like for taking care of your skin or body, you may use the best wrinkle cream on your face to fight the signs of aging or you may Indulge in a diet to reduce that baby fat, but sadly you will have to face some of the consequences of child birth. To know more about how your pregnancy can change the way you look, keep reading.

Weight gain

Not everyone’s body works the same, some of you may get rid of your baby fat fast, but unfortunately for some women, the weight stays for a longer time. It is completely normal to gain weight, so no need to freak out ladies. Consult your gynecologist on how to lose weight instead of indulging in a diet yourself without consulting anyone because that can be dangerous for your health. Keep in mind that your body has already gone through enough so don’t do anything off limits.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks are something which all women are aware of. A person may also notice stretch marks on her body after hitting puberty, which is completely normal. Whereas pregnant ladies seem to have more visible and prominent pink and red marks on their skin. Stretch marks usually fade away with time. It may take 2 or 3 years, but they will fade away.

Hair loss

Now this one may freak out a lot of women, but hair loss after pregnancy is also pretty normal and temporary. Due to the rapid changes in your hormones, a lot of women complain about hair loss, but then again it is temporary, your hair will grow back.

Changes in skin

You may see your skin changing too during or after pregnancy. You may see brown patches on your skin which is known as melasma. Another skin change you may also notice is known as linea nigra. You should take good care of your skin after giving birth, use sunscreen whenever going out and apply the best wrinkle cream to fight the early signs of aging.

Swollen feet

Feet swelling is also very normal during pregnancy, but for some women it may also continue after giving birth. You may notice that your feet have gotten a little bigger or that your old shoes don’t fit. For some people, the size may go to normal, but for some it remains the same.

After reading all these effects of pregnancy some people might get a little scared of getting pregnant, but at the end it’s all worth it. Your looks can go back to looking normal and after you start going to the gym your body will go back to it’s normal size. Using a few beauty products like the best wrinkle cream, moisturizer, etc. can make your skin go back to looking normal.

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