Exercises You Can Do at Home

In today’s fast paced life, it’s a struggle to take some time out for one’s own self. Your body and mind need a break from all the stresses surrounding your work. Exercise is the best way to keep you active and healthy, but what if you don’t have time to go to the gym or join some exercise group? You shouldn’t let that stop you! Here are a few exercises you can easily do in the comfort of your own home:


Cardio is a form of exercise that engages your heart. It’s short for cardiovascular and helps in toning your body over all while strengthening your heart. There are many cardio exercise videos available on the internet. You can just select one that you’re comfortable with and do it a few times a week.


Using a skipping rope is something we have been doing since we were kids. It’s a great form of exercise that engages all your muscles. All you need is a skipping rope and you’re all set.


Yoga is great for both your mind and body. Yoga postures for beginners can easily be found in yoga books or on the internet. You can do yoga at home at any time of the day.


Dancing is a fun way to get your body into shape. Thirty minutes of dancing on upbeat songs is more than enough exercise to keep that weight off. So make a playlist of your favorite songs and start moving to the beat!


You don’t need to get out of the house to jog. Just start your laps around the parameter of your house.


If you need to engage your core, crunches are the way to go. Crunches help in reducing belly fat. The techniques to do different kinds of crunches can be learnt from exercise books or websites and can be done at your convenience.

Climbing Stairs

If you have stairs in your house, it’s the easiest way to burn calories. You can time yourself and decide on the number of reps you want to do.


Plank is a full body workout that you can do with minimum fuss. Planking is the perfect isometric exercise that strengthens your core. All you need is a stop watch.

Wall Sit-ups

This exercise is exactly what it sounds like. You bend your knees with you back against a wall and pretend as you are sitting on a straight back chair. You are supposed to hold that position for a few seconds, gradually increasing the time as your stamina builds up.

Standing Pushups

This is another exercise you can do every time you go to the kitchen or washroom. In this, you will be required to hold your arms at shoulder height and you will need to be about 2 feet distance from the counter. You will then place your palms against it and keep your body in a straight line and do 20 standing pushups.

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