7 Ways to Stay Fit This Summer

How To Stay Fit this Summer- Some tips on the blogThe sun is shining and people are out and about. Everyone is doing their best to look good in their bikinis, swim trunks, and shorts and there are thousands of selfies being taken every second. At Reviews and Trust, we want you to look as good as you feel when you relax over the summer, so here are seven tips on staying fit.

1.       Buddy Up

Traveling with a friend multiplies the fun, and staying fit with a friend makes the whole process way easier. This makes you more accountable and you have someone who you can discuss your issues with. At the end of the journey, there will be someone to share in your success with once you have reached your goals.

2.       Carry a Water Bottle

It is really easy to get dehydrated in the summer as the harsh sun sears people everywhere. You lose a lot more water than you might think, so you need to replace fluids as much as you can. Carrying around a water bottle is a lot better than buying water at convenience stores, since it is better for the environment and far less costly. Plus, when you drink a lot of water you will feel less hungry.

3.       Hit the Farmer’s Market

Summer is harvesting season for many different fruits and vegetables. When your purchase your greens at a local market, you are helping out your community and helping yourself. The fruits and veggies you get there are fresh and organic.

4.       Move Your Body

Going to the gym can be quite the hassle. It is always crowded and noisy, and that does not even factor getting there and back. You can work out right at home using only your body weight. Push-ups, planking, and lunges are all exercises that can be done in the confines of your own room if need be.

5.       Be Prepared

If you are a snacker, you probably know that. Sometimes in the middle of the afternoon, the craving hits. Instead of hitting the vending machine for a candy bar, you can buy granola bars on the next trip to the grocery store, and pack them away for when you feel the urge. Prepping your meals is also a good way to control your portions and your caloric intake.

6.       Keep Track

People are always amazed when they quantify how much they have eaten. A hundred calories here and two hundred calories there quickly adds up. Old school pen and paper work just fine, but there are loads of apps out there to help you see exactly how many calories you are taking in on a day to day basis.

7.       Enjoy the Great Outdoors

When you go outside, you can get exercise and not even recognize it. Something as simple as biking instead of driving has tremendous health benefits over time, and you can work on your tan as you are doing it. People rarely see the ins and outs of their cities, and walking to your lunch spot will let you stretch your legs a bit.

Did we leave out any healthy lifestyle tips? Leave a comment below if there is something we missed.

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