What Does Your Lipstick Shade Mean?

The choices you make describe you far better than your words ever could. The kind of music you listen to, the kind of outfits you pick and the colors you prefer- everything says something about you. And so does the shade of your lipstick!

Are you curious to see the hidden meaning behind your lipstick shades? Read on to see the uncanny resemblance of your personality traits with the meaning of your lipstick shade:

Red shades

Almost every other girl’s favorite, red is preferably an evening color and boasts of its own glamour. Red is the shade that really strikes you, giving off a sexy, hot, and passionate vibe. So what does red lipstick say about you? That you are a strong, individualistic woman who faces up every challenge with bravery and works hard for what she wants. You are sociable. And oh, you are super intense!

Pink shades

If this isn’t every girl’s favorite color then I don’t know what is. Your lips filled in with bright pink colors represent your romantic soul. An undertone of red, pink gives off a shy yet snazzy appeal to your lips, making you look coy yet pretty. So what does pink say about you? It speaks of your young heart and your philanthropic soul. It makes you look like an approachable person, someone who can be trusted and counted on when in need of an accepting friend.

Peach/ Orange shades

As we move from crimsons and corals, the shade women love is peach/ orangey. Orange is a shade that satisfies the visual aesthetics of a person. The color is often recognized as a representation of sun, fire, and warmth, giving the color a nurturer’s hallmark. A lighter version of orange, peach is known for being a cheeky, fun-filled color. While the orange is an emblem of your genuineness and warm personality, the peachy color resonates with a more upbeat, cheerful personality, clearly making you everyone’s favorite.

Mauve or Purple shades

On the darker side, these shades boast secrets of an imperial, royal personality. Where purple and violet are feminine and enchanting, they still have a magical, mystical sense to them, which accentuates your elegance and makes you feel empowered. This shade boasts of your sophistication, gracefulness, and confidence. This shade definitely puts you out there as a ‘mystery’ girl.

Brown shades

Brown represents the rawness of earth. Wearing this color makes you appear like the organized, orderly person that you are. So what does this color say about you? You are perceived as a warm, decent, and approachable person. Someone people can vibe with. This color accentuates your natural ability to be a reliable companion who is ready and set for every challenge in life.

So, rock your favorite color everyday and give people something new to admire about you!


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