Ways You Can Re-use Your Makeup Products

Buying makeup is like therapy for some people. We often end up buying things we don’t really use or need. Makeup products have a shelf-life, all formulations or colors may not suit everyone, or they might just dry up, but parting with them is still quite hard. Luckily, we have options to re-use our makeup if we are a little creative.

Melt lipsticks

Melt two different shades of lipsticks you don’t use to make a new shade or mix it with Vaseline and turn it into a tinted lip balm. You may also add it to your tub of pedicure for nice, naturally pink-tinted heels.

Mix almost finished shadows

Add your almost finished eye shadows to a bottle of clear nail polish and create new shades. If the shades are a gold, silver or champagne, you can swipe them over your cheek bones for an ‘on fleek’ highlight. Mix them with your body butter to get glowy skin all over. The brown shades of eye shadows can be used for contouring or filling out your eyebrows.

Nail polish your photo frames

If your nail polishes have become too thick to give a smooth application or the color doesn’t suit you, you can use it to decorate photo frames or draw graffiti on your favorite mug.

Old mascara

If your mascara becomes too gloppy, you don’t have to throw it away. It can be used to perfect your eyebrows. It can also help cover the few grey hair that may appear out of nowhere. If you want to revive this dried up mascara, you can put the tube in a cup of hot water so the dried formula will melt to give u another couple of applications.

Smashed bronzer 

Smashed your favorite bronzer or highlighter? Crush it to powder and add some rubbing alcohol to it and press it. It will be as good as new and ready to re-use in no time.

Sugar in your face oil

Face oil making you break out and not suiting you? Add some sugar to it and turn it into an exfoliating body scrub. It can also be added it to your bathing tub for soft and supple skin.

Lipstick on your cheeks

Lipstick shade too bright for your lips or the formula not suiting you and giving you chapped lips? No problem. Use it on your cheeks for an instant flush. Darker shades of brown can double as contouring pens.

Soften your eye pencil pigment

If your new eye pencil is a disappointment because it’s too hard or dry, hold a lighter under the tip to instantly soften its pigment and get a bold, bright color and smooth application.

Makeup container hacks

If your tube of makeup is dwindling, don’t throw it out. A lot of product is thrown away in this process. So instead of wasting it, cut the packaging and scrape out whatever is left. You will be surprised to find quite a few applications worth. You can keep this in empty contact lenses case or buy small makeup containers.

Broken tube of lipstick

If you have accidentally broken your new tube of lipstick, worry not. Just put a lighter under the broken part and stick it back!

There are many ways in which you can re-use your makeup products, so don’t you worry! Which one of these hacks will you try?

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