The Best Way To Take Care Of Your Nails

Different parts of the human body require different care treatments and there are some parts of our body that require our special attention. Learning to take care of our body is really important and a part of growing up. You need to take good care of your hand and feet especially your nails. We all want gorgeous looking nails but this doesn’t mean that we have to visit the salon on a regular basis. The best way to take care of your them is to follow a healthy diet and a good personal hygiene.

Due to our busy lives, most of us end up neglecting our nails. Just like makeup and skincare, not all nail polish brands are harmless so make sure you are buying a good product. If you are concerned about keeping them healthy, here`s what to look for.

Keep Your Nails Clean

The most important step for a proper nail care would be to keep them clean and chemical free. Prolonged wear of nail polish can create bacteria under them so make sure to remove all traces of the last color you have used by using a good nail polish remover. When you opt for a nail polish remover, try to buy an acetone free formula. Make a habit of exfoliating your hands and feet on a regular basis as this will help you to keep them clean and healthy.


Sometimes we don’t realize the amount of times we wash our hands during the day. Regular hand washing can dry out our skin really quickly so it’s really important to include moisturizing as a part of our nail care regime. We need to make sure that the oil or lotion we are using works its way into our nails and cuticles. Always moisturize your hands and nails before going to bed at night, just like our face, our nails also need attention. Coconut oil is a good nail care alternative to any lotions or cream we are using to moisturize.

Trim Regularly

Just like your hair, it’s important to trim them regularly too. Set some time aside to trim them once every two weeks and see how they respond. In order to keep the nail dirt free, try to keep them short and trim them often because longer toenails and fingernails can collect bacteria inside them. They should be nicely trimmed keep you away from biting them which may otherwise also lead to infections.

Avoid Harsh Products

Make sure to read the label carefully before buying any product because some nail polishes contain harsh chemicals in them, fortunately there are some companies like OPI, Revlon, Essie which don’t contain unnecessary toxins while giving you high quality colors which you will love. Try to give your them a break once a while to rest and repair because changing your nail color often can dry them out and weaken their structure.

They are delicate so try to take care of them. Just like your skin or hair, your hands in general, also need your attention. Once you find out what works best for you, try to stick to that combination so you can be rewarded with strong and clean nails.

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