Techniques Nail Salons Use

Like everything else, there are many new trends circulating throughout nail salons today. We all know about the basic manicures, pedicures, nail color and topcoat but there are many new techniques available to achieve your favorite look including acrylic, gel and dip powder nails etc. We all want our nails to look beautiful especially if we have to attend a party.

There are so many new options which you can choose from including a wide array of therapies for feet and hands. We have listed the techniques that nail salons use along with couple of new ones as well.

Acrylic Nails

The process of applying acrylic nails is performed with precision, as they require a lot of upkeep. It is safe to get acrylic nails as many times as you want but find out which salon or technician does the job best. In simple words, acrylic nails are a mix of powder and liquid, which the nail technician will brush onto your nails. They are ideal for people who are looking for a change or want more length. Acrylic nails are high maintenance as they grow out with our nails, so we need to return to the salon every two to three weeks in order to get them filled. It is really important to visit the salon again if you wish to get them removed. The nail technician knows how exactly to soak off these nails and then file them as needed.

Gel Nails

We all want our manicures to last as much as possible; in order to achieve this, the best way is to get gel nails. Most commonly available in nail polish shades and texture, gel nails are made from passing the nails under a UV lamp. Gel nails are considerably more expensive than acrylics but they make the color last longer and the best part is that your color wont chip off. Just like acrylics, gel nails also need to be filled in every two weeks. Gel nails can be the perfect solution if you have a number of events coming up in the next few days and they will continue to look beautiful the entire time without any chipping.

Dip Powder Nails

If you are fond of long lasting manicure solutions, then dip powder nails can sometimes seem like a miracle. They are more or less like gel nails but instead of using UV lamp to cap the polish, the color comes from a powder. You dip your nails into the bottle of your favorite color that will last more than three to four weeks. Like other nail techniques, this one is also damaging for your nail bed because the removal process ends up weakening your nails. Thus always opt to go back to the salon in order to get removed, as they require a lot of patience and time unlike simply taking a cotton ball and applying nail polish remover on it.

In order to do the nail job correctly, skilled professionals or nail technicians are hired across the nail salons that are well versed with putting effort and focus each step of the way in order to understand their client’s requirements in terms of beauty, comfort and design. It is not just a job for them but a form of art as they understand the latest trends while upholding the classic techniques.

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