Essential Makeup Tools

In the age of makeup tutorials, sometimes the only difference between a professionally done make over and an unprofessional one is the tools used. The various makeup tools are taken for granted and not invested enough in, even though, there’s a stark difference in the application of the products with the right tools. You can buy the most expensive makeup, but if you don’t have the right tools to apply it, it will always look ordinary.

Some makeup tools are better known than others, like brushes and sponges etc. Then there are some enigmas that look very fancy, but you have no idea what they are used for. Typically, these are tools that one can do without.

If you’re into makeup, you should know the basic, essential tools you should own in order to get that flawless finish.


Brushes are the most important tools for makeup. There is a different brush for a different makeup product. You can easily see the difference between makeup applied by the right brush and the wrong brush. The main types of brushes are for blush, contour, highlighter, eye shadow, brows and foundation. Each brush has its own specific use. For example, contour and eye shadow brushes are used for blending and smudging of colors, highlighter brushes are for ‘dusting’ on the highlighter and brow brushes are for filling in and lining the brows.

Beauty Blenders & Sponges

Beauty blenders are fairly new in the makeup tools market, but they have become an instant hit. They are used to evenly apply and blend layers of concealer and foundation. They help in achieving maximum coverage. Beauty blenders can be of spongy material or silicon.


These precise tools are to keep the tiny hair of your eye lashes and eye brows in place. They usually come with the mascara tube, but you can buy separate ones for the eye brows.

Fine Liner

A fine liner is a kind of a sharp edged brush used for applying eye liner. It can help in applying the perfect winged eye liner or making the ‘cat eye’.

Facial Razor

A face razor is a new tool, recently developed to scrape off the facial fuzz that may hinder in the smooth application of liquid foundation.


Pencils are an important makeup tool, may it be a lip pencil or eye pencil, or even a corrector pencil. Their pointy tips help maneuver makeup properly in small areas like the eyes, eye brows or lips. Brow pencils help give a realistic looking filling to the eyebrows whereas lip pencils help in creating fuller, more dramatic lips.

Eye Lash Curler

The application of mascara and false lashes is enhanced by the use of this tool. It helps give the lashes an upward flick.

Remover Pens

Makeup remover pens and lipstick remover pens, as the name suggests, are for more precise editing of the makeup. We all know what a horror removing deep colors of lipsticks can be. The lipstick remover pen keeps it tidy.


Tweezers come in handy during a makeover for many things, like pulling out an errant brow hair or setting the fake eye lashes.

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