Makeup Do’s And Don’ts That You Really Need to Follow

Makeup is every woman’s best friend. Just a few touches here and a few fixes there can really enhance your features and make you look twice as stunning as you are.

But makeup is an art that is learned overtime, after numerous blunders. To achieve a perfect look, here are the dos and don’ts of makeup that can really save you time and make you look perfect:

  • Don’t ever skip your daily, skin care routine. And more importantly, don’t ever buy cheap, low quality products just because they are affordable. Low quality products have harsh chemicals that can be extremely dangerous for your skin.
  • Do use high quality skin products. Check up with a dermatologist and use the products they suggest. Ideally, using products with SPF is the key to a healthy skin.
  • Don’t use old, grimy brushes. If brushes haven’t been cleaned and well-kept, using them will give you an uneven, rugged makeup finishing.
  • Do use fresh and clean brushes. Brushes can last up to a decade if they are well-maintained and regularly cleaned. A neat and tidy brush is a lot more hygienic to use, and gives you a fine and flawless makeup finishing, giving you the dazzling look that you want to achieve.
  • Don’t mismatch the shade of your foundation just because you want a ‘whiter’ or ‘tanner’ look. Avert the urge of using an incongruent shade of foundation or you will end up looking like a clown.
  • Do go to stores every time you have to buy a foundation. This will help you find the shade that is most apt according to your skin tone with the help and guidance of a professional.
  • Don’t put too much foundation. While you may aspire to achieve a ‘caked’ look, it is the worst possible thing that you can do to yourself. This will make your skin uneven, wrinkly, and just give off an untidy look.
  • Do wear a light weight foundation in appropriate amounts. Always blend thoroughly and make sure to conceal/ correct all the spots, pores, and blemishes.
  • Don’t be hasty with your eye-liner. Eye-liners are some of the most critical aspects of makeup application and easy to mess up.
  • Do, however, be slow and gentle with the application. Start small with a few strokes and work by connecting them. This will give you a fine finishing.
  • Don’t get stuck in a pattern. You might be comfortable with a certain look but that would keep you from trying on different looks that can really accentuate your features and define them, perfectly.
  • Do try new things. Look up new tutorials and try using new makeup colors and techniques. This will help you discover more about the kind of looks that you can really pull off.

Follow the guide and glam yourself up to look prettier than you already are!

Head Editor - Skin Care and Anti-Aging

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