5 Super Easy Everyday Makeup Looks for a Quick Makeover

Makeup is super fun to do. But, as fun as it is, it is equally tricky to nail for a perfect, flawless look. To achieve your dream look, all you have to do is use the shades that would enhance and redefine your features.

Below are 5 super easy everyday makeup looks that you can use for an instant makeover:

1. Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes

1. Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes

Women with blue eyes are absolutely mesmerizing. If you are an aqua-eyed beauty, a quick trick for you is to use shades such as gold, bronze, orange, and peach. A dusty shade of coral pink or rose gold is also striking. These colors really enhance the beauty of blue eyes and make you look attractive. Dab some shimmer on the inner corner of your eyes and make them look bright and brilliant!

2. Makeup Looks For Brown Eyes

2. Makeup Looks For Brown Eyes

Brown or other darker eye colors are extraordinary. And if you really want to bring out their beauty, try experimenting with shades that are denser and darker such as brown, jade, navy blue, black and even grey. Copper color also looks absolutely astonishing. Matter looks exceptionally attractive when it is used for darker eyes. A quick trick to elevate the whole eye makeup is to use the cut-crease trick that really defines the curve of your eyes. And don’t hold back on the mascara!

3. Make Up Looks For Green Eyes

3. Make Up Looks For Green Eyes

Green eyes are by far the tenderest color of eyes. For these naturally warm and inviting eyes, always use softer eye shades such as light purple and lilac. The gentle versions of coral colors such as pink, rose gold, plum, peach, and even silver really accentuate the natural eye color and enhance your eyes. A quick trick that can really give your makeup look a professional touch is to use color on your lower eyelids. A darker shade of the eye shadow you have used on the top eyelid will really bring out the best in your eyes.

4. The No Makeup Look

The No Makeup Look

For a decent, everyday makeover that actually gives you the no-makeup look, we’ll give you easy suggestions. It is essential to always have your eyebrows on-fleek since they can transform your facial features dramatically. Next, for a quick no-makeup makeover, use lots of mascara to make your eyelashes look thicker, fuller and longer. A subtle shade of soft pink, matte lipstick will also make your lips look naturally pink and kissable.

5. The Natural Makeup Look

Everyday makeup look needs to be subtle yet, fascinating. The key to a perfect makeup look is to keep it low-key but recognizable. That is why, for a natural makeup look, always keep close your three makeup best friends: a white liner, blush, and a dusty pinkish-brown lipstick. The white liner on the lower eyelid makes your eyes appear bigger and wider even if you barely slept the entire night. A gentle stroke of blush on the apples of your cheek and a soft pinkish-brown lipstick completes the natural look.

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